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PhoneSoap: PhoneSoap was founded by two cousins while studying at BYU. While watching a news report they discovered that the average cell phone was 18x dirtier than a public toilet. Further discovery found that 1 in 6 cell phones had fecal matter, and all types of bacteria, flu and germs were found living on our devices. While neither were germaphobes, they knew the way they used their devices made their phones as dirty made them a petri dish in their pockets. They set off to find a solution. Our devices are always on, and we keep them it dark warm places where they become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Leveraging the UV technology they used in the cancer research lab, they created a device that was consumer friendly for quick and easy device sanitizing. Thus began the clean phone revolution! With PhoneSoap you can clean, sanitize and charge your devices.